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Who we are and what we believe - messianic conservative Jews

The שובה לשורש SCHUWA LASCHORESCH Back to the Roots service was founded in March 1997 by the Yeshua-believer Israeli Baruch ben Mordechai Kogan (born in 1963, married, father of four children). Two synagogues have been founded in the name of YESHUA HAMELECH HAMASCHIACH in Berlin and Munich with G-d's help, and we hope that more will follow.

We, the SCHUWA team, come from different nations and languages and join forces to support our Rebbe Baruch. Our aim is to draw, with G-d's help, from Lord Yeshua's rich treasury of wisdom on the basis of the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu, so we can know Mashiach, and through him our Heavenly Father, more intimately.

We hope that this will open a pathway for Jews and Gentiles to approach each other in faith and in the knowledge of the Lord Yeshua HaMaschiach. Amen.

Fidelity to the creed of Israel and the Torah of Moses

Rebbe Baruch's teaching and preaching is deeply rooted in his fidelity to the creed of Israel and the Torah of Moses, namely the written and the oral Torah. In its light, Rebbe Baruch not only interpretes the TANA "CH (the five books of Moses, Prophets and Writings), but also the whole Gospel. Thus, the message of the Lord Yeshua is revealed in a "new" way or, to put it differently, is linked back to its roots. Rebbe Baruch's teaching focuses on three areas:

  • Creation, Torah and the covenants G-d made with His people
  • repentance, Israel and Mashiach
  • liturgy and its meaning


This means:

  • we are and believe in accordance with the 13 principles of faith of Israel formulated by R. Mosche Ben Maimon (רמב״ם)
  • Jeschua (Jesus) is and was a human being as Israel expects the Moshiach (Messiah)
  • the rejection of Trinity as a clear violation of the 10 words at Mount Sinai (10 commandments)


Our offer/service:

On the topics mentioned above, we offer

seminars, workshops, lectures and training,

which are held both in the premises of the welcoming communities, as well as in our offices in Berlin and Munich, the two main locations of our service.

On all above-mentioned topics we have teaching material, exclusively made available for participants of our events for a nominal fee.

Seminar topics:  Workshops  Training  Audio recordings
 - Faith in the One G-d.

- The assignment given to Man

- The roots of the Easter feast.

- Service – the goal of freedom.

- The roots of Pentecost.

- The Jewish creed.

- The meaning of the temple.

- Conversion and freedom.

- Judgment Day - only terror?

- The Messianic faith.

- Prophecy, Kabbalah and the interpretation of the Scriptures.

- The roots of Christmas - the birth of the Messiah in the light of Jewish tradition

The seminars are designed for a total duration of three hours (with a break).
 - Introduction to the teachings relating to marriage and family

- Introduction to parenting from kindergarten to university

- Introduction: obligations and rights towards one's neighbor

- Introduction: obligations and rights towards the place

- Introduction: Business Ethics

Each workshop lasts two days and includes a theoretical and a practical part. The number of participants is limited to 14. Dates will be arranged by appointment.
 The training will focus on:

- The daily service,

- The Shabbath ceremony

- Jewish feasts

- The fasts

- For all seminars we offer CDs (5,00 EUR / pc. plus shipping). 


- The conference fee is 15,00 EUR, we offer a reduced fee e.g. for students of 10,00 EUR.

- The workshop fee is 120,00 EUR, the reduced fee is 80,00 EUR.

- Rebbe Baruch's travel expenses should be reimbursed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

שלום בשם ישוע המלך המשיח!


Your SCHUWA LaSchoresch TEAM